Children + Family

Lehigh Valley Family Photographer | Weiss Family

Last November before the cold set in, I had the pleasure of working with one of the sweetest families in the Lehigh Valley! The Weiss family consists of Dad, Adam, Mom, Becki, and two very handsome and polite sons, Trent and Owen. This group was full of enthusiasm despite the windy weather!

It's easy to be the photographer when a family looks this good. Just look at those faces! It's uncommon to come across children, especially boys, who actually enjoy having their picture taken. The usual scenario is Mom begging and pleading with them in the car to behave and crack at least ONE smile so she has some good photos to put on the mantel this year or to hand out at Christmas time. These two kiddos made effortless grins the entire session AND (dare I say it) might have had fun during our shoot!

Scroll down for more great shots of the Weiss family!

Lehigh Valley Family Photographer | Hrbek Family

Did you wake up today and look out your window to find a big white blanket of snow on your lawn? Most Lehigh Valley families did this morning, and I'd think it's safe to say that most were certainly not happy about it. I mean, come on, Mother Nature! April Fools day was YESTERDAY. Pennsylvania does not think snow in April is funny!

Anyway, in honor of this big ol' pile of white stuff, I thought I'd throw it back to the day we shot the Hrbek Family Christmas photos! Mike, Lindsay, and Chloe are members of the Hrbek Family - one of my most favorite families to document as a photographer. The Hrbek's are a gorgeous bunch, and sweet Chloe has more personality and spunk in her pinky finger as a toddler than I do in my whole body! Chloe was absolutely infatuated with the snow all winter. She kept eating fistfuls of snow while yelling, "noooee! (snow)" during our session, and we shared tons of laughs as she let out audible grunts while trudging through the deep areas!

I also took some photos of just Mike and Linsday embracing each other. It's important to steal away Mom and Dad during a family session to capture where the love originally started! These two were just adorable. They acted like the camera wasn't even there. Their chemistry is impeccable, and even after 9 years they are still crazy about one another!

Here's to hoping this is the LAST snowfall of the year until December (looking at you, Old Man Winter - be GONE!)

Lehigh Valley Family Photographer | Caden + Coaly

This blog is long overdue for introducing the cutest kiddos in the Verdine family! Older brother Caden just recently celebrated his fifth birthday, and sweet little Caden is walking, babbling, and practicing his football skills in hopes of measuring up to his big bro! These two were a hoot during their family session at Haines Mill in Allentown, PA. Parents Kiera and Ricky have roots in the Lehigh Valley, and it's always a pleasure to document their boys on their trips back home to visit family.

Did I mention that mom and dad are fellow Penn State alumni? It was absolutely certain that we were going to photograph the boys in their best Nittany Lion gear! I couldn't get enough of their boyish antics and adorable smiles during our time together! If I didn't know better, I'd say we have some future PSU football players in the making :-]

Lehigh Valley Family Photographer | Wehbey Family

The Wehbey family was a one-of-a-kind group to photograph! This bunch sure knows how to keep the entertainment going. Jokes were flying left and right during the entire session, and there wasn't a moment where at least ONE of them wasn't laughing, including me! This group couldn't be serious if they tried!

Gina and her brothers share a congenial bond. The boys of this family may outnumber their sister, but they certainly place her at the pinnacle of their focus and protection, which I'm sure she very much enjoys!

The best thing about being a Lehigh Valley family photographer is that I get to work with the most loving families throughout the region from many different walks of life! I get to learn about where they come from, their backgrounds, their likes and dislikes, and most of all, who they are. And that just might be my bottom-line favorite thing altogether about being a photographer.  I get to use a piece of equipment to capture families in all of their realness, and I give them the gift of precious memories, preserved.

Thank you Wehbey family for choosing me to capture your family photos!

Lehigh Valley Family Photographer | Balash Sisters

As a Lehigh Valley family photographer, I get so much satisfaction when my clients approach me about surprise sessions, or sessions that will result in gifting images to loved ones. I love the "do for others" mentality and it truly warms my heart to see so much good going on in the world!

When MickiLee contacted me about setting up a family session with her sister, I knew their session would be so meaningful. Sisters, without a doubt, hold a special place in my heart (I mean, I do have three of them!) and I wanted to make this a very special ordeal for her and her family.

I met MickiLee and her sister Ashley at the SteelStacks in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. This place is such a unique location with an industrial feel that contains the complex history of the Bethlehem Steel Company. We talked, laughed, and enjoyed the warmth of the day while exploring the iconic structures. These two ladies are too gorgeous for words! They care so much for one another, and their sisterhood reminds me much of my own with my very own sisters!

I know for a fact that Mrs. Balash probably cried when she received her birthday gift - MickiLee said that her mother always wanted portraits of her daughters in white shirts and jeans. I was more than happy to be a part of the process!