Lehigh Valley Family Photographer | Amanda + Brad

As a photographer in the Lehigh Valley, I deal with all sorts of weather issues that can sometimes affect my photography sessions. Eastern Pennsylvania has some of the craziest forecasts, and the day of Amanda and Brad's November engagement session was no different. The morning promised beautiful rays of sunshine without a breeze in sight. By mid afternoon when our shoot was scheduled, there were reports of freezing rain and wind gusts! Although I was eager to get behind the camera, I decided to postpone the session to another day.

After an hour of sitting around with absolutely NO weather changes whatsoever (typical, PA!) I called Amanda and to my surprise, they were still on as well! So, even though the impending rain almost called off this engagement session, I'm happy I trusted my gut and followed through with the shoot anyway. The blue-gray skies contrasted nicely with the woodsy backdrops and farmland at Amanda's family's property. She and Brad were incredibly comfortable and natural in front of the camera, which made the session run smoothly and resulted in some gorgeous photos!

Check out some of my favorites from this adorable engagement session!

Lehigh Valley Engagement Photographer | Trisha + Nolan

Back in August of this past year, I did the most meaningful thing so far in my photography career.

I photographed my younger sister Trisha's engagement session with her soon-to-be fiance, Nolan. To say I was emotional about it would be an understatement. It seems like just yesterday she had a permanent kool-aid mustache and the weirdest Chewbacca obsession, and, in less than a year from now, she'll be wearing lipstick and marrying her real-life Wookiee!

This engagement session was held at Blue Mountain Vineyards in New Tripoli, Pennsylvania - one of the Lehigh Valley's best kept secrets among the wineries scattered across Northeast PA. The rolling hills were full of blooming, fruitful grapevines that were perfectly bathed in a sun-kissed glow. The sun rose quickly in the morning and cast the perfect lighting for an early morning photo shoot. Our sunrise session certainly did not disappoint!

Side note: I create pallet art as a hobby and if you're my friend, chances are you might be given a pallet sign as a gift! Trisha asked me to create one for the engagement party - scroll down to check it out!

Trisha, Cheen, I love you beyond words. Thanks so much for choosing me to capture your winery engagement! It meant so much to me to do this for you, and I can't wait to stand alongside you and Nolan as you make the commitment to one another on your big day!

Sending a big thank you to Blue Mountain Vineyards for letting us shoot on location! The winery was absolutely beautiful and a perfect spot to capture these moments!

Lehigh Valley Engagement Photographer | Rachael + Tyler

Ah college - the best four (or more) years of your life where one teeters between the looming responsibilities of adulthood and the weightless freedoms of student life. Before taking up residence in the Lehigh Valley where I now call home, I attended college at Penn State University and had some of the greatest experiences of my life. While receiving a stellar education (*waves B.S. in Animal Sciences diploma in air proudly*), I became a member of several clubs and organizations that mirrored and embodied the agricultural values that made me fall in love with Penn State in the first place. Probably the most beneficial and influential choice I made as an undergrad was to join my co-ed professional agricultural fraternity, Delta Theta Sigma.

During my time at DTS, I learned a great deal about the agricultural industry, networked with countless important individuals who were rooted in farming and agriculture, and established many cherished, lifelong friendships with some of the most amazing people on the planet. Two of those friendship bonds are with Rachael and Tyler, and boy am I lucky to know this pair! Rachael and Tyler met at a DTS party while in college. Although I'd like to say it was love at first sight, I feel that's a phrase that is obnoxiously overused, so let's just say it was love at first beer :) . These two hit it off almost immediately. Their personalities complimented each other perfectly, and each of them found the other to have a great sense of humor and a big, caring heart. It wasn't long before these two developed feelings for one another, and although they weren't exclusive until quite some time after they met, I somehow became aware of some privileged information that they were secretly dating, at the expense of an awkward encounter (looking at you, Nishnick!)

Tyler and Rachael were almost too energetic for their engagement session. Even though it was bright and sunny the morning we met up, the weather was bitter cold for late November. But that did not phase these two lovebirds! They were quick to get close and snuggle up to each other for their portrait session, which made my job as their photographer fairly simple.  I just adore photographing couples who effortlessly show their love and affection to each other, and that's exactly what Tyler and Rachel did!

Congrats on the engagement guys, I love you both and I can't wait for the wedding!