Lehigh Valley Family Photographer | Ashley's Maternity Session

I’m not sure how this breathtaking mama missed the blog! My apologies for not showcasing Ashley’s maternity session sooner.

Last January, Ashley and I braved the cold temperatures and ventured out to Beltzville Lake, just outside of the Lehigh Valley, to photograph her maternity session. Maternity sessions are an excellent way to preserve these precious moments in time before the newest addition of your family arrives. Just like belly casts and month-by-month photos of your growing womb, maternity sessions embrace the beauty of motherhood, and encapsulate that classic pregnancy glow.

Come on, how gorgeous is Ashley? The red dress was the perfect color to compliment the duller hues of the winter landscape. Although the day was overcast, the lighting was soft, subtle, and provided just the right amount of light to highlight the joy and excitement of becoming a mother.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. Ashley, thank you so much for choosing me to be your photographer! I’m so happy for you and your little family, and congrats on the birth of your son, Wyatt!

Lehigh Valley Family Photographer | Caila + Jay Maternity

One of my fondest childhood memories involves playing house with my oldest sister Caila. We would create these pretend families with our cabbage patch kid baby dolls and give them our favorite names. We loved visiting each others’ “houses” and “babysitting” each other’s dolls. As a child I often imagined what our lives would be like in the future when we would grow up and build families of our own, and I always pictured Caila as the sister who would have many children.

Caila and by brother-in-law, Jay, have endured a difficult journey to becoming parents. Their pathway to parenthood has included both miscarriages and spontaneous abortions, several broken hearts, and many tears and sleepless nights. My sister began to doubt and resent her body for not being able to do its unique job. My family cried with them and prayed with them that they would soon see better days and be able to share the joy that comes along with a pregnancy announcement.

In February 2018, I received a text from my sister. It was a video of her dumping a jar of jelly beans. Behind the jar, a note read, “We’re spilling the beans! Jayden Rose Bower, due June 2018!” I cried so hard and called her right away. My sister was finally going to be a mother. I was going to be an aunt, and all of our dreams were coming true.

Of course it was no question that we had to document this beautiful milestone for this little family! Jay’s family owns a farm near Williamsport, PA that has beautiful rolling hills and amazing landscapes. It’s one of my favorite spots, especially since it’s the location where I shot Caila and Jay’s wedding portraits. We were blessed with gorgeous late Spring weather and a dreamy sunset for their session. I’ve never seen my sister look as beautiful as she did for her maternity shoot. She was truly a glowing expectant mother. We enjoyed every minute of our time together as we talked about Jayden’s arrival and how excited but nervous they both were to become parents.

They say nothing worth having comes easy. For Caila and Jay, their road to parenthood has been very difficult to say the least. But it’s important to know that without storms, there would be no rainbows. This special little rainbow baby will bring so much joy and purpose to their lives, and finally make their hearts feel complete.

Jayden Rose Bower was born on June 9th, 2018 at 10:26am. Perfectly healthy, happy, little blue-eyed baby girl who is already the center of her parent’s universe. Welcome to the world, Jayden! Aunt Sarah loves you very much already!

Jayden Rose Bower was born on June 9th, 2018 at 10:26am. Perfectly healthy, happy, little blue-eyed baby girl who is already the center of her parent’s universe. Welcome to the world, Jayden! Aunt Sarah loves you very much already!

Lehigh Valley Maternity Photographer | Brianna + Kendall

Brianna and I have known each other since high school; we played soccer together, had several of the same classes, and have kept in touch through friends and family after graduation. When I found out she was expecting, I was overjoyed that her and her husband, Kendall, would soon become parents! I was even more excited that she contacted me about shooting her maternity session because I had been aching to shoot at one of my favorite locations back home, even though I live in the Lehigh Valley. Brianna and Kendall were interested in having their session in a meadow with trees framing the background, right at sunset - what better description to describe my favorite tree and meadow area nestled in Parryville, Pennsylvania!?

After several attempts to get together, which were barred by uncooperative weather, we were finally able to turn their dream session into a reality. The sun gave off such a beautiful and creamy, warm light for late November, and Kendall and Brianna brought so much excitement and energy to their session. The love that they have for each other and their precious baby showed through every emotional connection and pose throughout the shoot. It's very easy to capture two people who are so truly in love with each other and the life they have created!

Congrats to the Hinze Family on the birth of their little girl, Selah Rose, and I wish you the utmost happiness as you continue your journey as a family of three!