Lehigh Valley Portrait Photographer | Alex

There are some people in our lives that we consider our "yes" friends; the friends who are always up for an adventure, regardless of the circumstances. The friends who are inclined to commit to literally ANY crazy idea we may have, despite the fact that they might not gain anything from their involvement. The friends who will undergo uncomfortable conditions just to make you happy. Alex is that friend in my life, and let me tell you, I hit the "yes" friends jackpot with her. 

When I am inspired, I am motivated. When I am motivated, the execution process needs to progress quickly in order for me to be satisfied (thank you, Zodiac Sign Capricorn). When I got the idea for this session, naturally, I called my "yes" woman, and we got together and made things happen. No questions asked, no hesitations, no stipulations for her to comply. She said yes as if she was agreeing to a coffee run and was completely eager to model in almost subzero temperatures WITH a wind advisory.  She truly is a godsend and I could not be more thankful for her friendship.

We froze our toes off for this shoot, but it was so satisfying. Alex fulfilled my craving to do a winter-inspired senior-style session at one of my favorite locations. The fresh dusting of snow added just the right amount of contrast against the gray-blue creek and dark stone lining the creek banks. The overcast day was such a great suit for providing the most subtle, illuminating light that captured my idea perfectly. 

Alex, thank you for being such a good "yes" friend, and an even greater "everything" friend.