Lehigh Valley Family Photographer | Hrbek Family

Did you wake up today and look out your window to find a big white blanket of snow on your lawn? Most Lehigh Valley families did this morning, and I'd think it's safe to say that most were certainly not happy about it. I mean, come on, Mother Nature! April Fools day was YESTERDAY. Pennsylvania does not think snow in April is funny!

Anyway, in honor of this big ol' pile of white stuff, I thought I'd throw it back to the day we shot the Hrbek Family Christmas photos! Mike, Lindsay, and Chloe are members of the Hrbek Family - one of my most favorite families to document as a photographer. The Hrbek's are a gorgeous bunch, and sweet Chloe has more personality and spunk in her pinky finger as a toddler than I do in my whole body! Chloe was absolutely infatuated with the snow all winter. She kept eating fistfuls of snow while yelling, "noooee! (snow)" during our session, and we shared tons of laughs as she let out audible grunts while trudging through the deep areas!

I also took some photos of just Mike and Linsday embracing each other. It's important to steal away Mom and Dad during a family session to capture where the love originally started! These two were just adorable. They acted like the camera wasn't even there. Their chemistry is impeccable, and even after 9 years they are still crazy about one another!

Here's to hoping this is the LAST snowfall of the year until December (looking at you, Old Man Winter - be GONE!)