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Fun fact: I'm the second-oldest of four daughters (no boys and yes, we drove my dad insane). Even though my older sister and I are about 13 months and a few odd days apart in age (Irish twins!), I am closest with my younger sister, Trisha. She just gets me, and we are totally alike in so many ways.

Because we are so close, we tend to have a tight-knit group of the same friends, although there is a 5-year age gap between us. One of those gal pals is a lady named Kaitlyn Burke, and she is just the bees-knees for her stealthiness and poise! Kaitlyn approached me, completely in secret, about surprising her mom Lori for Mother's Day - in the absolute best way possible, a surprise photo session! I said yes before she even finished her question. I know how much Lori adores her kids, and I knew Kaitlyn felt that this was the best way to say "thank-you" to her for being an awesome mother!

Kaitlyn and her brother Chucky agreed to tell their mom that they were going on a hike with dinner afterward. They instructed her to dress nicely, but to wear comfortable shoes (to throw her off, of course! :] ) Lori arrived at the D&L trail location ready to embark on a hiking adventure and was completely surprised to see her well-dressed clan AND a photographer - camera in hand - and ready to go!

This mama and her children were so much fun to work with. Her kids are grown adults, but they definitely got the job done during our session! Kaitlyn's subtle humor and Chucky's cheeky sarcasm had us all rolling with laughter! To say Lori's heart was full was an understatement. Her kids gave her the second best gift next to their birth; they gave her the preserved memories of her family, raw and in the moment, enjoying each other's company.

Kudos to Kaitlyn for keeping such a great surprise under wraps, and thank you for choosing me to photograph your family!

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