Lehigh Valley Portrait Photographer | Trisha and Nicole

There's something magical about being up before the sun. Being awake even when the world itself is still asleep is certainly not everyone's cup of tea, but I find it to be so calming and tranquil (once I blink a few times and had a cup of coffee, of course.) I felt this very same soothing feeling overcome me as I drove Trisha and Nicole to the large oak tree on the outskirts of Parryville, Pennsylvania. This town is just as sleepy as the earth before sunrise, but there is farmland tucked away at the edge of town that will knock your socks off with its views.

Parryville is actually located in the Mahoning Valley, in Carbon County, Pennsylvania. I mainly photograph within the Lehigh Valley, but every now and then I like to explore new locations. This particular area is very familiar to me, and I've been blessed with the opportunity to shoot a maternity session here last year. This oak tree just speaks to my soul, in volumes only audible to me. It has been an iconic landmark to me since my childhood. I can recall my mother driving all of us kids to church on Sunday mornings, and as we took the back way into town, I was always dazzled by the enormity of this tree and how it has managed to withstand the test of time so gracefully.

I decided one hot July morning that this farm with the oak tree would be the perfect location for a sunrise session. my sister, Trisha and my friend, Nicole, were more than eager to hit the hay early the night before just to be ready to go first thing the following day. They turned out to be the best models for this session. Trisha has the wildest sense of humor and can relax any situation she finds herself in with a few crazy comments. Nicole's laugh is genuine, robust, and comes directly after my sister's crazy antics with impeccable timing. This was a lethal combination, both for my camera and my belly muscles - I could NOT stop laughing the whole morning, and I captured some genuine happiness from both girls through my lens!

Take a look for yourself and tell me these ladies aren't the best models. I love being able to photograph such true beauty and so many real moments of laughter. Thank you Trisha and Nicole for allowing me to bring my ideas to life and for always being up for any adventure!